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Water Storage Solutions

Scenario – Grid is down, chaos has ensued and your objective is to find water for your family. You’ve depleted your cases of water in the basement – utilities have been taken down due to civil unrest and now one of the most basic needs to mankind has become a task to find or to collect. Prior to SHTF – it was illegal to collect rainwater or have other water storage solutions in place – there was rationing on the number of gallons and cases of water you could buy due to mass panic purchasing – and here we are…..

Water Storage – Essential For Survival

Water is vital to our survival. Having water at a moments’ notice has become a forgotten gift in society today. Should SHTF take place (not if but when) we need to have water on hand in the event the grocery store is no longer an option. Water storage solutions come in various styles and settings and I would like to go over a few options to see what fits best for your preps.

First – we need to know how much water one needs. Its a given rule in the preparedness lifestyle that (1) one gallon per person per day should be sufficient for cleaning and consumption. Knowing this one could plan for 5 gallons of water per day per person for a family of 5 people. Once this is figured out, we need to plan for how we plan to store the water.

I chose the food-grade 55-gallon plastic drum route. This allows me to plan for a family of 6 to store up to 18 days worth of water should I need it. In the event we don’t need the water – it can be used to wash cars, water gardens, or simply go down the drain.

Water Storage Solutions
Water Storage Solutions

Power of Portability

I also wanted to have some portable water storage solutions in the event we needed to go camping or otherwise outing. I found two of the Aqua-tainer cubes at Walmart and each of these items hold seven gallons of water. They are made of food-grade plastic and come with handles for ease of portability. This option provides 14 gallons of at the ready water that can be taken anywhere. The first thing I noticed about this water storage solution was the weight. A gallon of water weighs 8 pounds so these two cubes weigh 56 lbs each. One will have to be in decent shape to stow and go these water cubes, especially if moving them more than once is a requirement.

Planning and Execution

Now that we have our water storage solutions mapped out, I will show you how to bring it all together. I purchased (2) 55-gallon plastic food-grade drums knowing that that would give me a solid water supply. We could cook, clean, and consume with this water and not have a need for almost 3 weeks! Most people don’t plan three days ahead.

When the barrel is full of water it will weigh 440lbs. I knew I would have to find a solid foundation to hold the barrels in place and never worry about them failing when we needed the water supply. Titan Ready USA manufactures an all-inclusive water storage solution that comes with barrel rack, plumbing kit, and instructions on how to start this project. Their rack allows for up to 1000lbs of weight (2x 5-gallon drums at 8lbs/gallon = 880lbs of water) to be mounted on their system.

The plumbing kit comes with the necessary tubing, lids, tools, and accessories to easily store and prep your backup water source should the ability to go to the grocery store no longer be an option.

Implementation and Rotation

Once the rack is put together, and the barrels are mounted, and the plumbing kit is installed properly – it is time to fill the barrels. I plan to use tap water from the spigot since it is readily available. The plumbing kit came with a long term storage solution cleaner that allows water to sit for up to six months before having to aerate or replace. In the event that one didn’t have this option – one can use the CDC route for cleansing water for long term storage, or they can use plain tap water and store in a cool dry place so that light doesn’t cause bacteria to grow in it. Either option for beginning a water storage solution would be viable.

If you are looking to build your own long term water storage solutions; this is a good place to start. Most people want to hoard up cases of water which will cost you more over time – but spending the money upfront and then only having to source your water from different locations makes this a more feasible long term solution. Remember, its not a matter of if scenarios will strike; but a matter of WHEN – so be prepared!

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