After working in kitchens for 36 years using knives to cut, chop, and mince. I have acquired a comfort level with knives that is unparalleled. Two years working as a security contractor, back in the ’90s exposed me to some of the uglier sides of Urban living. Escorting and protecting various people tested my patience, and stamina, as well as my hand to hand skills. These skills have evolved through a Northern Ontario Canada upbringing. By the the time I turned 16, I had over 150 fights under my belt.

Being a qualifier for the Junior Olympics in Judo, my first love was the ground, as it equaled out bigger opponents. Judo then had Atemi, which is striking. I soon realized that the ground range was not always safe, thus I studied Karate. Wado Kai, then American Combat Karate. Weapons were always part of my training. Later incorporating Ken, and double daggers, complimented by the art of Kali. I decided to mesh many principles as they worked, and discarded the rest.

Always training, I spent most of my life in a wilderness setting. Trained by nature, I have become a winter survival expert, camping in the most extreme cold. One of my hobbies is knife making, specializing in last-ditch knives. I forge blades under my coop banner, Wendigo Knives, and have shipped all over the world. Understanding the design of the blade has helped me coin some unique looking blades.

I’m also a Cancer Survivor. The disease took everything away from me and placed me in the most uncomfortable place. I refused to be a victim and achieved many things though. First as a Chef Certified in Canada, and as a Culinary Professor who taught for 19 years. I have recently renewed my Security License, and have taken Certs in Handcuffing, Edge Weapons Defensive Tactics, Ground and Tactical Commands. I also finished my certification to carry the ASP and other collapsible batons. All of my certs come from Pro-Tec 5 Security – A Canadian Security Agency that deploys services of which I am part of. This hands-on experience leads back to my training, self-examination, and evolution of impact and Edge weapons.