The shield itself represents us as a whole. Standing strong behind our shield of survival knowledge. The gashed skull represents death. While death is inevitable, this is a friendly reminder to live this life as long and fulfilled as we can, and to do so we must be prepared for bad situations and the evil and that exists in our world.

The last part of our logo is the glare on the shield.

The dark side reminds us to keep our composure in life threatening situations. To be reserved in the shadows, yet completely aware in order to prevent the battles that can be avoided.

The light side reminds us to be strategic when we must take action. To be resolute in the light, yet ready to neutralize a threat, or employ our skills to ensure our survival.

Welcome to M.A.S.K. Tactical. Established in late 2012.


Our mission is simple. We want to provide a higher quality environment, higher caliber content, and better methods of training and education on survival. We aim to attract people who are eager to learn, and get them focused on active hands on training. There are tons of websites out there that can give you information, but we want to give you a better experience, more options, and better intel.

Along our journey we will be developing our own innovative products, finding ways to give back to veterans, and more. Our hope for M.A.S.K. is to truly be a place where you can go from novice to expert level survivalist simply by being apart of our Warrior Tribe, soaking up all the knowledge, and putting it to work through both digital, and physical training programs. We are all students of survival and it’s impossible to know everything. That’s why we have molded this as a community, because the best way to learn, is from everyone around you. M.A.S.K. is a home for anyone looking to become more prepared, in any aspect.

Our primary mission is to create an environment where we have the ability to increase peoples survivability on a massive scale by actually getting them hands on. This means creating a digital platform of training methods that can be utilized from anyone across the globe, at any time. We have many plans for this, and it’s a milestone we have yet to achieve. Our training platforms are still under massive development, and we will release more information on it as time progresses. In short, there is a very crucial flaw in the digital training (e-learning) industry that we have identified, and plan on creating an innovative solution.

We have achieved many milestones, but have many more to go. When we reach them, we will set more, and make our way towards achieving them too. There is no end goal for us. There is only continued evolution. We thank all of you who are along for the ride, and look forward to continued growth with you on our team. You are all vital to our operation.

Ian Talbert Callsign: Primal