Here at M.A.S.K. we don’t aim to make advertising partners, but rather we prefer to build strong alliances with worthy allies. Traditionally most advertising relationships provide you a simple banner ad on a website. We want to crush that standard, and provide our members and fans with a genuine experience. This means we have really high standards for the people we align ourselves with. Below you will find a couple options to become one of our official allies, as well as other options for advertising with us.


Current Terms & Rates

1 Year AllianceBest Value

$ 600

1 Year
  • Banner Ads On All Key Pages Of The Site
  • Monthly Shout Outs In Our Email Blasts
  • Monthly Shout Outs On Our Social Platforms
  • Frequent Mentions In Our Blog & Video Content
  • Access To Advertise To Our Free Group, and Warrior Tribe
  • Promotional Inserts In Our Customer Orders
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting
  • Shoutouts In Our Podcasts

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much traffic does M.A.S.K. get and how much will you send me?

Answer: It’s impossible for us to really guarantee a specific amount of traffic, and at this time the site is still relatively new but growing very fast. As a partner with us you will also be given regular shout outs in our videos, articles, social media, and email marketing campaigns, and more. We aim to help grow your business by being more than just an advertising platform. Our official allies get access and permission to tastefully advertise in our closed FB group, as well as our Warrior Tribe. We even drop in your promotional marketing material in with our customer orders. Providing you traffic from all the same avenues that we generate it for ourselves.

Question: Can you create the ad for me? 

Answer: Yes, for a small design fee of $25 we can create the graphics for you, provided you supply us with any source graphics you need (Such as your logo, or product images).

Question: Where will my ads be displayed?

Answer: We have several locations that ads are displayed. The homepage, alongside our blog posts, in our forums, and any other content driven page. You will be exposed in the places that get the most traffic.

Question: Am I able to cancel and get a refund?

Answer: Once your order has been placed it is locked in and no refunds will be given. You are free to cancel your advertising relationship with us at anytime should you feel the need to however there will be no refunds given. If you feel like something is wrong please bring it to our attention and hopefully we can think of a solution that works for everyone. Our mission is fairness for everyone. We want happy long-term relationships with our allies.


If you would like to contact us by phone please do so Monday – Saturday between 9am – 5pm (EST)

(347) 708-MASK

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