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Question: How Can I Cancel My Membership?

Answer: You have complete control over your membership and can cancel anytime. The process is simple. Just log into your member dashboard via the icon in the top right corner of our site. From your dashboard navigate to your “Membership” tab and access your customer billing portal. We DO NOT process cancelation requests through this page.

Question: Are You Hiring?

Answer: Negative Ghostrider, at this current time we are not hiring. However, we are always open to discussing options for guest content contributors, so if that’s something you’re interested in feel free to reach out. We are very selective and do prefer people with a great deal of experience in content creation but is not required. We provide training and a way for you to get paid.

Question: Can We Partner Up?

Answer: While we wish we could partner with everyone, it simply doesn’t work that way. We have received many partnership requests over the years so we decided to develop some very unique partnership programs. An Alliance Program, as well as a plethora of Content Delivery Exposure plans. Choose what fits your objectives best!

International Customers

If you are a customer outside of the U.S.A. and would like to place an order with us please use the form below to tell us your order. Our store system is not currently able to process international orders on its own at this time so we have to manually import your order and quote you for the international shipping costs. So simply tell us what you would like to purchase, we will quote you the total, and you can send your payment to us via PayPal.

Rank Promotions

If you believe you are eligible for promotion please let us know and we will run a status check on your membership to confirm eligibility. If you qualify for a promotion we will dispatch a physical promotion certificate to you and inform you via email.

Vanguard Program (Affiliates)

If you are an affiliate and have program or commission questions, feel free to contact us here. Also, if you have questions about joining the Vanguard, feel free to use this form as well.

WASP Program

If you are having issues with the program or your partner please utilize your AAR forms and monthly calls with Primal to discuss changes or issues you may have. For general WASP relation questions, you may ask them here.

Any other questions may be submitted here through our primary contact form.

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