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Isn’t It Time You Got More?

  • More: Freedom

  • More: Effectiveness

  • More: Results For Your Life



No Amount of Prepping, Self-Defense Training, or Survival Skills Make A Difference If You Come Home At The End of The Day to A Life You Hate Living, and Results You’re Unhappy With. That’s Why Layer 1 of The Primal Method Teaches You How To Truly Square ‘Life’ Away, So You Can Be An Effectively Prepared Person.


  • Build Systems In Your Life To Support Your Goals
  • Destroy Self Doubt & Get Clarity On Your Vision
  • Unlock Extreme Productivity, Focus, and Energy
  • Learn How To Do 10x More Than Everyone Elseln 1/2 The Time
  • Learn How To Improve Your Health, Relationships, & Finances
  • Create An Advanced War Plan For Every Aspect of Your Life
  • Discover Your True Identity & Limitation Breakthrough Tactics
  • And Much More… Just Read Below.


The truth is most people are too afraid to put in the fucking work. Only people who are truly committed to living a life on their terms will seek this kind of training. I developed this program because I was sick and tired of life beating my ass every single day. I never had time, I never had money, I never had health, I never had energy, and I never had freedom, but for some dumbass reason, I was always “busy” getting nothing done. If that sounds like something you can relate to stick around and read the rest of this. I’m going to explain to you in detail what the actual obstacles are that hold you back, and how to overcome them.






There are 3 bitches in your life that do nothing but provide you with an arsenal of excuses that pull you toward the direction of average, and if you’re not careful they’ll pull you below it.

Imagine with me for a moment, that inside your head exists a locked door, and behind that locked door lies everything you truly desire. Take a moment and envision what that looks like. What do you desire? Now, You already have the key for this door in your hand, all you have to do is unlock the door and walk through. However, there’s 3 bitches blocking you from unlocking that door. A bitch is a difficult or unpleasant situation or thing. In this case, we’re talking about a feeling, an emotion, and a quality.

I am a man, so for the sake of explanation these bitches will be women. If you’re a woman, these bitches will be men, deal?


Comfort (a feeling) is the enemy of growth. Being comfortable means you’re no longer doing things that challenge you. If you’re not challenging yourself with new experiences, you’re not gaining any skills or knowledge, and because of that, you’re damn sure not gaining any money or freedom.


Fear (an emotion) is the most evil of them all. Fear is the bitch who takes your ambitions and makes them feel too risky to chase, but she makes up for it by letting you sleep with her best friend, Comfort. So while fear turns you into a slave at least you get to feel safe and secure.


Priority (a quality) is the bitch that likes to place wants before needs. She loves it. She loves it so much that she convinces you to choose those wants over your needs time and time again. She persuades you not to workout because you need to sleep, and not to eat right because you don’t have the time.

Here’s the thing about Priority though. She tells you that things like Xbox and partying are more important than raising a family and being a real man/woman. Priority is one backward-ass bitch, but if you can get her alone without the influence of comfort and fear, she becomes instrumental to the optimization game plan. Her (your) priorities start to change when you’re no longer under the influence of toxic substances (Fear & Comfort).


I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy the concept of slavery and that’s exactly what you get when you let these bitches run your life. However, there is one good thing about having them in your life, and that’s that they all live in your head, and you have the power to evict them. I don’t like the idea of something taking up space in my head unless I love it, or unless it’s paying me rent. These bitches don’t pay rent, and I damn sure don’t love them except for priority, it’s a love/hate relationship with her. It’s time to slap the others with an eviction notice.

I’ve been on a long road of self-discovery, and all along the way I’ve spent a lot of my time learning how to get rid of the constant feeling of stress from what society says my life should be like.

  • I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed anymore.

  • I didn’t want to feel scatterbrained anymore.

  • I didn’t want to feel depressed anymore.

  • I didn’t want to feel average anymore.

  • I didn’t want to feel unfulfilled anymore.

  • I didn’t want to feel uncharged anymore.

  • I didn’t want to feel like shit anymore.

  • I want to be fit.

  • I want to be healthy.

  • I want to be a great friend.

  • I want to be a great father.

  • I want to be a great husband.

  • I want to be smart.

  • I want to be an influencer.


The trifecta of stagnation.


Thankfully I met my wife when I did because those bitches almost completely moved into my house (my brain), and set up a fucking base camp to start inviting their other friends. I don’t even want to know who the hell those bitches might be. Here’s the deal… Based on my experiences in the past decade, I have concluded that most people are cuddled up with these 3 whores, until their not.

I flipped my switch and stopped living in reaction mode. I started taking massive action instead and those actions led me to create many highly effective systems and strategies to kick these 3 bitches out of my life for good. They’re no longer in my head today, but you best believe they’re always out walking the sidewalk down the street. They’re always knocking on the door begging to get back in. The only thing is today my perimeter is too strong to be breached, and my discipline is more resolute than it used to be.

These aren’t systems and strategies to make you rich (although they can). I wouldn’t sell you some bullshit. These are systems and strategies that I developed for myself because I wasn’t getting what I wanted and needed out of life. I wasn’t optimized.



I want optimal fitness and health.

I want optimal relationships.

I want optimal skills.

I want optimal lives for my family.

I want optimal results in every aspect.

My friend… There’s no BS… There’s no fluff… Just real, raw, effective tactics and strategies that will help you break free from the societal “suck” if you’re struggling, or give you the edge you need to reach the next level. Whether you’re broken and stuck, or a high-performing millionaire. This course has the keys you need to unlock the doors that stand before you.


Operation Optimize is going to cover the things you need to have squared away in life before you start adding in all the real skill-building. Things to help you get your mind, body, and spirit in the right flow zone to “optimize” your lifestyle. Once you’re optimized, you can build from there, but if your life isn’t optimized, it becomes chaos and fog with no real direction.


Operation Optimize will give you the clarity you need surrounding your life so that you can see clearly to develop the foundation of skills you need to ensure survival. It will help you reach the highest readiness levels you can in life, business, fitness, or preparedness.


The Warrior Operating System

A digital command center designed to organize your entire life under one roof and adapt to your needs. This isn’t your guru’s “high-performance planner.” This is a revolutionary system and approach to optimizing the way you manage your life. Task & project management, goals, contacts, finances, fitness, business, notes, creative work, schedule, journaling, etc… etc… Imagine what consolidating every area of your life into one simple and scalable system could do for you. 99.9% of people don’t have a system at all! This one will radically change your life. It’s easy to use, mobile friendly, and most importantly, OPTIMAL.

Inside of Operation: Optimize you will gain access to the Warrior OS system and all the training you will need to know how to operate it. It takes seconds to install and you’ll be able to start using it immediately.

The Warrior OS alone is easily worth 10x the price of this entire course, but because it’s so powerful and essential to becoming an optimized warrior, I didn’t want the cost to stand in the way so I decided to include it in this training program for free for those who truly want to live an optimal life. Trust me, my friend, this tool and training program is going to blow your fuckin mind.


The only question I have left for you is…

Are you ready to take action?