Ian Talbert


Born Jan. 17th 1992 on Fort Knox Army base in Kentucky. Lived in Virginia, South Carolina, and have now settled in Johnson City Tennessee with my beautiful wife and our daughter. I served 3 years as an 11 Bravo in the 29th Infantry Division, Delta Co. 1/116th. My company specialized in heavy weaponry such as the MK-19, .50 Cal, Tow Missile Systems, 240 Bravos, etc. I played a few roles but was primarily a .50 cal humvee gunner.

During my time enlisted I did not get to experience a deployment but did get tons of invaluable training that I translated into my civilian life and businesses. I decided not to re-enlist due to aspirations to become a successful entrepreneur, dissatisfaction with how the government was utilizing us, and to become more family oriented. I have a strong passion for survival and a strong passion for business, so I combined them both. I am also a Real Estate Agent. I am The Real Estate Warrior.

I don’t claim to be in expert in much but I hold myself and everything I do to very high standards. Survival is not something you can ever be done learning. So I consider myself a lifelong student of the art and I train as much as I can to increase my knowledge and skill sets, and I teach others as I grow.

Primitive Survival


General Survival Skills


Mission Planning & Straegy




Hand To Hand CQB







I enjoy a lot of things. Aside from survival and business I really enjoy playing music and singing, watching movies, graphic design, videography, photography, and mixed martial arts. I am an aspiring amateur MMA fighter and have trained somewhat consistently for the past 5-6 years. MMA is an invaluable skill set when it comes to survival.

I obtained the callsign “Primal” from being a guy who focuses on training the essential fundamentals in life. It is through a solid foundation of the fundamentals that we evolve and perfect our tactics to become hard targets.

I am a die hard patriot and I love this country, and I would still go to war to protect it if needed. I love spending time on the range shooting, and out in the field training as much as I can. I love the outdoors, and I am a big softy when it comes to animals, especially dogs. I don’t go anywhere without my battle buddy Onyx (My Husky).