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Some unplanned obstacles have stepped in the path of our mission here that have required me to make a couple temporary changes, but before we dive into that, let’s talk about a couple new things we accomplished recently.

  • Ally Discounts PageCOMPLETED – Tribe members, you can now see your exclusive discount codes right on your dashboard interface when logged in. We have made some formatting improvements and added your discount codes here to make it much easier for you. For non-member discount codes you can find those on the new “Meet Our Allies” page.
  • MASK Embroidered PolosCOMPLETED – We got our new polo’s launched! You can now pick up a brand new MASK official performance polo in the armory.

So, back to the obstacles. Due to some challenges we have been presented with we are going to have to narrow the focus on projects a little more, and progress is going to temporarily slow down on some things. Such as new content creation. There’s a lot going on but some of this information is privileged to our tribe members. So if you’re a tribe member please log in below now to watch a quick video. If you’re not a tribe member just know that there’s some temporary changes being made that will ultimately help us in the long run, that will unfortunately slow us down for a little while. We will be doing our best to ensure this slowdown is as unnoticeable as possible for you.


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For the time being, now that things require a little narrower focus. The radar snapshot will be the top 5-7 projects that we are working on instead of a huge view. I want to simply keep you up to speed on the biggest things, and the things that are coming relatively soon. They are in no particular order, and there are other smaller things that are on the radar that will get accomplished in between what you see listed below.


  • Launching The Podcast – This week we fine tuned the audio presets for our recording software to get the best sound with the equipment we have. We are in the middle of working on some official podcast graphics and video files as well as we will be uploading to our youtube channel, FB and other platforms as well. We are now ready to record and edit the first episode. This will probably happen within the next week. We still have to figure out a few things with syndication but it’s coming very, very soon.
  • Launching Black Sector – Black Sector is an “upper echelon” division of the Tribe. Invitation only with a thorough vetting process and higher standards. It will have some one time costs associated with it if you are invited into it, chose to accept, and pass the vetting process. A good way to look at Black Sector is that it will be to us what SF is to the military. It will consist of only our most elite Warriors.
  • Official Operation Optimize Launch – Module 4 curriculum creation will begin over the next week. Had a couple setbacks on timeframe due to the things mentioned in the video above. I am ironing out my new schedule very soon and as soon as that’s set I will be jumping right back on Operation Optimize curriculum. I will be keeping you guys updated inside the student group also.
  • Tribe Nutrition – The first 3 nutritional tools we will be developing for you guys are meal trackers, grocery lists, and meal plans that will be tailored to your specific goal. We will be consulting with industry leading subject matter experts to deliver you some super solid resources.
  • Canada, Australia, and TN Tribe Divisions – I am actively working on setting up the divisions for our most active areas. If you’re in these divisions be on standby as you will be notified about them soon.
  • WFA’s (Warrior Fitness Assessments) – The Alpha and Savage level tests are under construction. It will take a little time and testing as these tests will be completely different from our two base level tests. They will be different, and much more difficult.
  • The War Binder – From our War Planners, to our future Nutrition resources, fitness plans, Journals, and documents from Operation Optimize. I want you guys to have a place to house all these warrior tools. I am actively working on developing our own unique tactical binder that will be called the War Book, or War Binder (Or something like that, idk yet). It will be made of high quality nylon and have bunch of great features that you won’t find in any traditional binder anywhere. In short, we got a lot of tools and a lot of tools yet to come that I want you guys to have a great way to keep track of. This “War Binder” will be like your bible, and will become a part of your EDC.

That’s it for now guys. There’s always obviously a lot more going on behind the scenes of which I try to touch on in vlogs, posts in the tribe, or other videos and such. So try to stay up to speed!

As always, what’s your SITREP?

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Comprised of those most serious about preparedness, our Tribe will help you take your survivability to the next level through active training, accountability, and advanced resources. Our organization is rapidly growing and we would love to see you become a bigger part of it.


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