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As 2023 comes to a close, I sit and reflect on the year and I gotta say… It’s been a phenomenal year for us. While we didn’t grow the tribe much this year, we did accomplish some important things. Including launching new products like WARCOM, updates to training courses, rebuilding our entire LMS (Learning Management System), creating new membership plans, rebuilding all of our sales funnels, and migrating our entire community over to Discord to build a brand new home for the Tribe from the ground up. This was no easy feat. It took a lot of time, money, and programming to make happen. Growth wasn’t the focus this year, but rather the optimization of our entire operation so that when we do shift our focus back to growth soon not only will we be able to grow faster and more efficiently, but we will also have dramatically increased retention rates.

Look, the last few years have been a rocky ride for many of us and we’re no exception. It exposed some critical things to me so I put my head down and have been grinding hard on improvements over all this time and I am really happy with the progress this year in particular. I know on the outside looking in you all don’t really see everything we have going on and you may not totally understand the full vision at times for what we are building here. It’s massive and has never been done before, and we have and still are bootstrapping this entire operation. It takes significantly more time to accomplish something of this magnitude compared to other communities and that’s because we have way more substance than all of them combined and a much bigger vision for the future. That’s why we are still here after more than 13 years, and the fire is burning bigger and brighter than it ever has. I won’t call anyone out, but you’ll notice many others have come and gone. Even some with loads of financial support and experienced people behind them. Building a community requires real leadership and purpose beyond making a dollar. While I have thought about it a few times over the years, quitting has never been an option on my table. So, I hope by now it’s evident to you that myself and our Tribe are indeed, the real deal.

Get excited, because we’re about to start growing again! As we wrap up the last few big operational improvement projects our focus will be directed back to marketing and recruitment for the Tribe, new courses and merch, growing our alliance program, adding new missions to the Warrior Mission program, and helping our Vanguard Affiliates win big among other things. There’s a never-ending list of big projects we have going on and I know it’s hard to keep up with. I have a hard time with it all myself lol. So be sure to keep up with our Ops Radar. Not every project is declassified to be on the radar but anything we can share publically, we will. Just know there’s much more going on behind the curtain.

In other news, this was the first year of action for our Warrior Mission Program. It functioned extremely well and I think it’s going to be a really awesome experience as we grow it. I didn’t get to create as many missions or mission guides this year due to all of the above, but I think I figured out a pretty clean format for them this year. It was a trial-and-error process and they take a lot of time to put together. However, the great thing about this program is that once missions are created, they live forever! The mission database will only continue to grow and over the next few years, there will be a ton of awesome training missions you can partake in to compete for all the great rewards and prize packages we giveaway at the end of the year. While we’re on that topic, the year is almost over so be sure to complete as many missions as you can to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place! You can find more about this program and the Mission Hub within your Tribe member dashboard. If you’re not a tribe member, you’re missing out big time!


  1. We will be shutting down our global Tribe Facebook group in the new year. Facebook has made it impossible for our community to exist on their platform anymore. We will be leaving Mastery of Survival active but it’s basically dead too. We may try to revive it at some point, but the focus from here on out is to move everyone over to our Discord Server. Which has a free side and a paid member-only side.
  2. Operation: Optimize 2.0 – We migrated our LMS as you know, so the course is currently down but it will be back up soon and a curriculum refresh for the entire course is underway. It’s a big project but get ready for some awesome training. Including the launch of the Warrior OS (2.0 template) which is a huge addition to the course. We will also be making the Warrior OS a standalone product for those who don’t necessarily desire the foundational training in Operation: Optimize. So keep an eye out for this. It will change your entire life.
  3. As mentioned, our Discord server is free to join now, so be sure to share invites with the people you care about to help us grow! –>
  4. We have added a ton of new channels to our Discord so be sure to poke around. We will also be hosting more and more live events on our stage channels. So be sure to check out the events tab in the server and RSVP to anything you like!
  5. WASP Program – The new program dynamics and setup that we have moved to this year have proven much more effective than our old system. We had a rocky start with AAR’s as individual responses were not a practical or scalable approach so we ended up taking advantage of the stage channel. We will be looking forward to new potential unit leaders emerging amongst the Tribe. If this interests you, be sure to reach out to HQ so we can discuss the responsibilities of leading a WASP unit of your own. We will continue to improve this program where we can and we are always open to feedback.
  6. The LMS Migration is mostly complete. Both Warrior Bootcamp and Vanguard Growth Tactics are back online and you can access them through your member dashboard.

That’s going to be all for this SITREP my Warriors. I hope you have a powerful end to 2023 and are ready to make a serious impact on life in 2024. We have a lot of great things in store for you here and I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s massive action and growth. Till the next official SITREP, be sure to follow the announcements/alerts channels inside the Discord for mini SITREPS in the meantime.

Bellum Gerere. – Primal


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