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Mission Briefing

A drill to work your cardio and boxing skills. You’re going to be throwing punches in bunches in this 3 stage circuit.


  • Boxing Gloves
  • Heavy Bag
  • Timer (phone or other)


  • 30 seconds punching focused on precision.
  • 30 seconds punching focused on speed.
  • 30 seconds punching focused on power.
  • Repeat x6


  1. During the first 30 seconds you are only focused on “kissing” the bag. Light hits, slow and smooth. Focused purely on accuracy. Throw head and body shots.
  2. During the second 30 seconds you are adding speed into the mix. Again, kissing the bag with light hits, but as fast as you can.
  3. During the last 30 seconds you are adding power. This time you’re not worried as much about speed and precision. Try to maintain them as best you can, but ultimately we’re focused on power shots here so unload on the bag as hard and heavy as you can.
  4. Set a timer up so you know when to switch tasks.
  5. No rest between tasks. Go directly into the next task as you finish each. However, you may rest for 30 seconds max between each revolution. So do 30, 30, 30, rest, repeat.
  6. Wrap your hands if you have hand wraps. If not, get your gloves as tight as you can. Don’t break your hands.

Welcome to the Warrior Mission Program. Where we develop and create gamified, strategic, real-world missions to aid our Tribe Operatives in the training and education of preparedness skill sets. Our missions are designed to bridge the gap that lies between knowledge and skill through a systematic method of learning called, The Primal Method. You never really know where a mission may lead you or what skills and knowledge it will require to complete it. They are designed to challenge you across all 6 layers of The Primal Method.

Anyone can follow along and do these missions as we create new missions and guides. However, the actual program that includes a gamified points system with a leaderboard, extra training, and rewards packages that are sometimes worth thousands of dollars is exclusively reserved for our Warrior Tribe Operatives who hold a clearance level of Charlie or above.

As for Operation: 30-30-30… this mission is a quick and simple one that’s great for beginners in combatives, but don’t let it fool you! It will smoke you. So even if you are experienced, expect a solid cardio session and burn in your shoulders and arms from all the punching. You will definitely want to take advantage of the slower pace of stage 1 so you can unload during stages 2-3.

Make sure you have a good way to time the rounds. If you have someone to help you that would be ideal. You can also use a tabata/interval round timer app of some kind, or an actual sports timer if you have one. I had some trouble out of my timer app but it was just due to improper setup. It can get confusing setting up the rounds and rest times so make sure you get it right and test it first before you start to be certain it won’t mess you up when you go live.

Overall this mission should be a solid challenge for anyone at any fitness level. It’s one that you will feel great about accepting and completing in the end. I enjoyed creating it, and I look forward to doing it again in the future. But for now, it’s time to go back to Mission Command and develop the next mission. I will see you in the next Warrior Mission Guide. The only question I have left for you is. Will you accept this one? If so, join the tribe, or log in if you’re already a member. You can access this mission and many others from your Operative Dashboard.

Primal, out.

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