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Mission Briefing

This mission is about testing the upper limits of your physical fitness and mental fortitude. It will be a difficult challenge that demands your focus and willpower to complete.


  • Access to a gym


  • Quick dynamic warmup of your choice
  • 100 Pushups – Strict form
  • 100 Barbell Deadlifts – 115lbs
  • 100 Leg Extensions – 75lbs
  • Rower Machine – 500 meters
  • Stationary Bike – 15 Minutes – Lvl 10+ (Maintain 90+ rpm)
  • Stairclimber – 5 Minutes – Moderate Pace


  1. Maintain proper form in all movements. It will be confirmed.
  2. You are allowed to break the 100-rep lifts into as many sets as needed to complete the task. Take as long as needed but be mindful of the time you have to complete the mission.
  3. You are allowed up to 10 minutes max of rest between each task.
  4. You have 2.5 hours to complete this mission. Use your rest time wisely.
  5. If you hit muscle failure it’s okay. Take advantage of your rest time and keep going.
  6. If you cannot complete all 100 reps with quality form within the mission time frame it will be an automatic failure. Go recover, train more, and try again later.

Welcome to the Warrior Mission Program. Where we develop and create gamified, strategic, real-world missions to aid our Tribe Operatives in the training and education of preparedness skill sets. Our missions are designed to bridge the gap that lies between knowledge and skill through a systematic method of learning called, The Primal Method. You never really know where a mission may lead you or what skills and knowledge it will require to complete it. They are designed to challenge you across all 6 layers of The Primal Method.

Anyone can follow along and do these missions as we create new missions and guides. However, the actual program that includes a gamified points system with a leaderboard, extra training, and rewards packages that are sometimes worth thousands of dollars is exclusively reserved for our Warrior Tribe Operatives who hold a clearance level of Charlie or above.

As for Operation: Barbarian… I completed this mission a total of 3 times prior to finalizing all of the parameters. It is definitely a solid challenge that will put you in your place quickly if you don’t train on a regular basis. It’s designed to test your endurance physically and mentally. 300 Reps, or 100 reps of anything, is pretty daunting to the average person. So instantly you have that wall of intimidation come up and are challenged mentally. Once you win that battle and determine you’re going to do this damn thing and that’s that, it becomes a physical challenge.

Back-to-back 100-rep workouts compound and you are mentally challenged again. So it’s a back-and-forth battle of endurance between body and mind at the beginning of the mission. After those 300 reps are complete you should get a solid boost of confidence and possibly a jolt of energy. 300 reps of anything is a solid accomplishment. Be proud of yourself if you get to this stage of the mission. There’s no power to be found in believing otherwise, Roger? Roger…

Lifting weights, especially high reps with moderate-heavy weights will test your cardio on its own, but not quite as hard as focused cardio work. Lucky for you that’s what follows the first 3 objectives of this mission… Focused cardio. Burn out and go hard on the rowing machine. Get it done fast because you’ll get a little breather on the bike next. 15 minutes at level 10+ and 90 RPM is a pretty solid pace but it’s not going to be enough to explode your heart rate for most active people. Most people aren’t active though, so maybe it will. I don’t know how active you are. If you’re anything like me, the bike is a little on the easier side which gave me a chance to calm down a little and focus better. I like to envision new mind-to-muscle neural pathways being paved when I ride the bike for longer durations.

Finish it off with 5 minutes on the stair climber. Depending on who you are, you either love them or hate them. Stairclimbers will fuck you up if you aren’t familiar with them. 5 Minutes isn’t all that terrible though. It can be at the right pace, but this pace shouldn’t kick your ass too hard. It’s the burn and exhaustion from all the prior objectives that will zap you on this final task. So focus on your breathing in between the tasks leading up to this one. Get your heart rate low during rest periods.

Overall this mission in its final form should be a solid challenge for anyone at any fitness level. It’s one that you will feel great about accepting and completing in the end. I enjoyed creating it, and I look forward to doing it again in the future. But for now, it’s time to go back to Mission Command and develop the next mission. I will see you in the next Warrior Mission Guide. The only question I have left for you is. Will you accept this one? If so, join the tribe, or log in if you’re already a member. You can access this mission and many others from your Operative Dashboard.

Primal, out.

PS. If you’re not a member of the tribe yet, but still wanna get involved, you can now join our Discord Server for free! Come join us and be a part of our monthly book club, gear outpost, preparedness discussions, and more.

Our objective here is to provide higher caliber resources and information that enhance your preparedness in all aspects. If you’re enjoying the content you get from MASK and want to help support our mission please consider becoming a member of our elite community that we call the Warrior Tribe.

Comprised of those most serious about preparedness, our Tribe will help you take your survivability to the next level through active training, accountability, and advanced resources. Our organization is rapidly growing and we would love to see you become a bigger part of it.


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