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What’s good my friends? It’s another new year and we’re still shaking and baking here at MASK Tactical. This year is all about missions and expansion. We’ve spent the last decade primarily focused on infrastructure and program development. We’ve dramatically refined everything we do in the Tribe. Especially over the last 48 months. It’s never been a better time to be a warrior in our ranks and I wanted to kick off the year with a fresh Situation Report to let you guys and gals know what to expect this year from us. Both, as a fan, and a tribe operative.

I’m going to break down our focus this year into 4 quarters.

Q1 – Warrior Mission Program

As I have mentioned in previous reports in the last year, one of the most significant improvements we have made has been the replacement of our old challenge calendars with a brand new, never been done before, Warrior Mission Program. It’s a gamified training experience where you can compete in multi-faceted preparedness missions revolving around the 6 layers of The Primal Method.

Every Warrior Mission you successfully complete earns you real-life experience, and preparedness skillsets. Furthermore, the coolest part, is that you also earn EXP (Experience Points), and you get ranked on our Global Leaderboard for a chance to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize rewards packages! How sick would it be to get TONS of free gear and more in exchange for simply training and becoming more prepared? We’ve officially gamified preparedness uniquely and are very excited to see our Tribe members in action.

So, that’s what we’ve done. Now, what will we be doing in Q1 you ask? Well, what good would a mission be without a proper mission guide to follow? All of our Warrior Missions (Exclusively visible and accessible to Tribe members who have Charlie or higher clearance) will have both video and written tutorial guides that go along with them. This way you not only get the education you need to take on the mission yourself, but you also have a challenge with unheard-of incentives!

My primary goal here has always been to help our operatives bridge the gap between knowledge and skill. If you’ve read my book, The Primal Method, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Bridging this gap is vital to your survival. This program is just one of a few different ways we accomplish this goal by getting you engaged and hands-on with your training.

Now, for the official Mission Guides… The cool thing about the guides we will make is that they will double as content for our YouTube channel. It’s been a while since we last created content but I am very happy to announce that that will be changing very soon. I was able to completely upgrade my entire computer setup here at HQ with a brand new full-spec maxed-out MacBook pro, new displays, audio interface, and more. Essentially eliminating all the insane bottlenecks we have been bogged down by over the last few years. The content capabilities we will have moving forward are going to be the best they have ever been.

My vision for these Mission Guides is to film them cinematically for the most part. I want them to feel like an educational episode of the Blacklist or the Jason Bourne Series. Cheesy I know, but cool right? I think… lol. This will be taking the driver’s seat in terms of content for the next year and beyond but it won’t be the only type of content we make. Of course, we will still be making the occasional gear review, tutorial, talking head, etc… But our main source of content will be these missions. They will vary in topic across all 6 layers of The Primal Method. Foundations, Fitness, Unarmed Combatives, Armed Combatives, Prepping, & Operational Skills. So you can bank on seeing workouts, knot tying, bushcrafting, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, DIY, MMA, and all sorts of self-development to help you forge yourself into the most optimally prepared version of you that can exist. Q1 our focus is primarily going to be on content creation amongst other things.

Q2 – Alliance Program Growth & Course Curriculum Updates

Another huge thing we created in the last year is our Warrior Operating System. A premium Notion template that acts as your life’s headquarters. One place to manage your entire life… Literally, your entire life. Project & task management, fitness, contacts, business, journaling, goals, finances, education, notes, vision board, habits, and so damn much more. It’s absolutely mind-blowing and I’m not blowing any smoke whatsoever. I am dead serious when I tell you it has been the most impactful thing I have ever done for my life and productivity outside of praying to God and getting married to my kick-ass wife.

V1.0 of this Warrior OS launched in 2022. It’s only available to students enrolled in our layer 1 training program, Operation: Optimize. In Q2 we will begin the roll-out phase of v.2.0 and the corresponding curriculum updates to the training course, as well as updates to several other modules of the training.

The other focus during this quarter is going to be the growth and expansion of our Alliance Program. It received significant improvements over the past year, and now we are aiming to flood our roster with thousands of businesses and gear manufacturers within the preparedness/survival niche. The good news about this for you guys is that both official members and general fans alike will be able to benefit from access to one of the biggest lists, if not the biggest list (in due time) of discounts on survival gear on planet earth. Sometimes up to 50% off certain products and services from companies all around the world. This is just one of the many perks of being a Tribe member.

Are you starting to understand the value proposition here? Our Tribe is like no other and will alter the way you do life in such a positive way that you’re able to unlock radical growth in every arena of human endeavor. Male or female, young or old. It’s all the same, and it’s all affordable to everyone. You may be surprised to know that you can now join the tribe for as low as $4/month.

Q3 – Course Planning & Development

Every layer of The Primal Method will eventually have physical and digital training opportunities. For the next few years, while we work to grow our tribe numbers, our focus will primarily be on digital training programs. Our goal for this quarter will be to outline a few new courses and begin to develop the curriculum for them. This can be a long process depending upon the structuring of the course. We never really know how big a course will be until we get the outlines developed. As of now, our main goal after the refreshes to Operation: Optimize is to focus on layer 2 (fitness). In this case, we are aiming to create either one big course or several different smaller courses all revolving around workouts and nutrition.

The great thing about The Primal Method is that in its simplest form, it’s just a way to train. This means it doesn’t matter where/whom you get your training from, you will still be able to apply The Primal Method process to your life. For us, this means for the layers that we have yet to develop training courses, we will be able to supplement the gaps with courses from trusted 3rd parties. We have our sights set on several big names within the space to partner with as an affiliate so that we can promote more courses under all 6 layers of The Primal Method. We also have several tribe members, and I’m sure we will have more in time, that run schools of their own and we plan to collaborate on some training programs together. It’s all about win-win situations.

Q4 – Holiday Sales & Tribe Growth

Something we have done terribly over the last few years is marketing. While our content is phenomenal, and everything we create here is unique and high caliber, much of what we have been forced to focus on over the last few years has been infrastructure and behind the scenes kinda things. There’s a lot to what we do and plan to do and it has taken me over a decade to build it. Now we are entering into expansion mode which means marketing will be a huge focus for us moving forward. The Warrior Mission Program itself is going to be our main driver when it comes to marketing too. I’ve always wanted our growth to be as organic as possible and in order for that to happen it requires us to create valuable content to earn your trust.

Instead of shoving ads down your throats, I want to shove value and let you decide to join us on your own. However, we will be implementing ads and other marketing strategies just like any other good business. We are going to do our best to be in the discussion over the holidays as we have not been able to properly capitalize on this in the past. Primarily because I am but one man and still run the show here entirely alone. This will change rapidly as we hit certain growth milestones in the coming years. So, come Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas this year, expect to see some great offers from us. Tribe growth is the focus of Q4.

That’s it for this SITREP, my friends, I will keep you updated all year long with reports just like this one as we continue to evolve into bigger and better things. Keep an eye out on our blog and YouTube channel cause we are back, and better than ever, and we have a lot of great content in store for you!

Bellum Gerere,

– Ian “Primal” Talbert


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