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The Garrison Gun Belt

Overbuilt gear is hard to come by these days. If it is, the price usually reflects it. In this instance, you get both overbuilt construction and great pricing. KORE Essentials nails it again with their new G1 Garrison Gun Belt. It’s a beast of a belt capable of effectively supporting up to 10 lbs of gear and full-size firearms. It’s also the only belt in this wide category featuring their unique trakline ratcheting system.

Their Trakline system allows the Garrison Gun Belt virtually unlimited adjustability. In fact, it makes it 800% more adjustable than your traditional belt with holes. It has 40+ size points, in small 1/4″ increments to adjust with. Our waist size changes throughout the day whether we like it or not. Being able to rapidly adjust without much effort is pretty nice.

The Garrison Gun Belt is the product of years and years of research and development. The center is made of a proprietary material that KORE calls the Power-Core™ and it provides a really unique amount of flex for movement and comfort while also staying firm where it matters most. You’ll find your draws are more consistent than they’ve ever been.

The new buckles have a deeper receptacle, 2 set screws to securely attach the belt to the buckle, and an awesomely rugged texturized coating. It’s almost like they rhino lined the damn things. They look great and hold up to abuse. As I said, it’s these small things when added up that achieve that “overbuilt” feeling, and it’s truly hard to find these days. Most companies only care about producing the bare minimum that will sell.

You Won’t Find A Better Belt

Whether you’re carrying OWB, IWB, or AIWB, the Garrison Gun Belt is the perfect option for heavier loads. However, if you don’t need something this wide (1.75″) you can go with one of their standard 1.5″ options as well. They have a belt and buckle combo for every profession. From a business professional to a firearms instructor, you’re covered.

The Garrison Gun Belt also comes in Top-Grain Leather or Nylon rated up to 500lbs. It will fit any waist from a 24″ up to a 54″ and it’s super easy to size. Just take your pant size and add 4 inches. From there, trim a half-inch at a time to dial it in. They’re great for travel too. You can quickly pop the buckles off to pass through TSA at the airport with the belt still on, and use the buckle as a bottle opener when you get to the hotel.

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