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Annoying Neighbor

Full disclosure here….the image above is not an actual photo of this event with my annoying neighbor. Although, I wish I had actual video footage. I also didn’t beat the hell out of him, I actually only hit him once. I was unprepared, and this experience taught me some valuable lessons.

Let’s face it, an annoying neighbor is one of the worst aspects of living in an urban environment. No matter where you look, you have neighbors all around you, and chances are one of them’s an ass. Hopefully you won’t end up like I did with them living directly beside you. The main problem I had on this day wasn’t with my annoying neighbor, it was her annoying father. Who was paying a visit early in the morning. This wasn’t your typical family visit though.

He showed up to his daughters house (my annoying neighbor) with a friend of his at approximately 7:00am this day. My wife, 6 week old baby girl, and myself were asleep in bed. My wife was awakened by the sound of obnoxious car horns, and dramatically excessive beating sounds coming from the house of our annoying neighbor. It then proceeded to wake up our baby girl, and she began crying and screaming because of it. If you have kids, you know how this can present some frustration.

After dealing with this nonsense for 30 straight minutes my wife decided to wake me up. I can sleep through an atom bomb. So she woke me, and asked me to go see what was going on. It had been 30 minutes of listening to it. It was as if they were trying to wake up his daughter who was apparently asleep inside too. None the less, something of a bigger deal was going on because normally if someone hasn’t came to the door after you beat on all sides and honk your horn for half an hour, chances are they don’t want to talk to you, or they are dead.

So I threw on some shorts, shirt, and a pair of flip flops. I was still about 75% asleep while walking out on our deck to see what the commotion was all about. Her father, the man I eventually punch was around the back of the house at the time, and his friend was on the side of the house. I, with a little frustration in my voice asked what was going on, and told him they just woke up my wife and baby. He apologized and I went back in the house.

No longer than it took me to take off one of my flip flops, her father walks back in front of the house with his friend, and he lays on the car horn again. So this started to irritate me. Doing what any man would logically think to do I walk back out on my deck and asked him what his malfunction was. He was waiting halfway across the street for me to come back outside, like he was taunting me. He then told me he had a problem, and that I should come solve it. So me being the direct guy I am, I politely accepted his invitation, but here’s where it get’s interesting.

As I get closer to this man I realize he has a lot of age on him. I came to find out he was actually 70 years old after this all went down. So me, being the highly trained and prepared person I am took note of this. I figured he’s just a grumpy old man, possibly intoxicated, and maybe even a little retarded to be so open to starting conflict with a guy like me. I had already begun walking towards him, to meet him on the edge of my property line. Knowing the status of this man I had made the decision upon approaching him that I was just going to talk to him, and see what was really going on. My offer to handle things maturely got declined as he decides he would rather try to put his hand around my neck, and take a swing at me.

He failed.

I duck his redneck hay-maker and counter with a single straight #2 to his mouth. It immediately knocked all of his teeth out into the road, and knocked him onto the ground, slamming the back of his head into the pavement, and scratching up his elbow. I was going to proceed to beat the hell out of him and then I came to my senses, and heard my wife yelling at me to stop. I also noticed his little friend who came running up beside of us threatening me to get off of him, “before I get two of them on me”. I invited him to play but it turns out he didn’t actually mean what he said.

I didn’t know if either of these men had weapons, especially his friend who had ran up on us. So I quickly backed off and collected myself, and we both returned to our respective places. I then called the cops to file an assault report and trespassing violation, as this incident initially occurred on my property, but ended up in the roadway.

Now, I say all this not to brag at all. Like I mentioned, this guy was old, and I did not want to get into a physical altercation because I know exactly what I am capable of doing to a person. I have infantry training from the military, and 6-7 years of martial arts training. I am also an amateur MMA fighter. I am quite comfortable with handling myself against your average Joe. I don’t ever feel the need to prove that either. Afterwords I really felt bad for the guy, but at the end of the day he asked for it.

After I came back inside they both proceeded to honk their horns, and beat on the house regardless of what just unfolded. It wasn’t until the cops arrived 20 minutes later that his daughter actually came outside of the house, but you best believe that she, and her boyfriend who was also inside played the witness role. They came outside with their phones in the officers faces, raising hell about me, and telling them they seen everything. Which of course they did not.

So here’s what happened next…

The cops took their reports, and advised us to go to the court house to file something against them, because they said our annoying neighbor would be doing the same against us. An ambulance came, and they took him to the hospital. They played it up like I completely destroyed the man. Almost as if they’ve done this before.

Our annoying neighbor (his daughter) and her boyfriend, furious with what has happened, started to harass us. Little did I know with this being the first time we’ve had to deal with this situation is that there’s virtually nothing you can do to stop harassment. None the less we ended up having to call the police on them for continued car honking, air horns, shouting vulgar language, and much more. We called the police 3-4 more times throughout the same day because they just wouldn’t stop. We made the decision to call them each time because that’s what they advised us to do, but every time they came out they basically said there’s nothing they can do but ask them to stop, which would make it worse. After the last call of the day they told us that we had to stop calling. Some help right?

A few days pass, the harassment continues. Waking our baby up on a daily basis, and they knew about our baby too. They didn’t care, they kept doing it. After a couple more days I get served with a court summons. They decided to try and sue me for assault, and medical fee’s for $25,000 dollars. Ridiculous right? Anyway…We lawyered up and went to court. It got continued 3 times before we eventually settled the matter on the 4th try. The outcome was not what we expected though. Not at all.

Bare in mind this whole process drug out for an entire year, and the harassment still continues even today. The whole family lives on disability and SSI. So they are ALWAYS home, and never work.

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The Verdict

A few days after this happened we installed a security camera system to try and capture any harassment. We also shot handfuls of videos on our phones with audio to show actual proof. We kept a written log of all harassment events with months worth of entries as well. All advice we received from law enforcement too.

On the day of the event the police report never mentions anything about me pulling a gun on them, and it also has police taken photo’s of our disturbed grass showing where the event occurred. Which was on our property. This man came onto my property, and tried to assault me.

I also subpoenaed 4 cops to show in court to testify for my case. Every single one of their testimonies were in favor of my defense. We presented the judge with numerous pieces of evidence to prove the harassment, and the police report and evidence they gathered further proved my statement of where the fight began on our property.


Annoying Neighbors

The judge essentially acted blind to clear evidence, overlooked the weight of 4 LEO’s testimonies, and also ignored obvious characteristic traits of a liar when the other party presented their testimonies. They tried to say that I was on top of him, and almost beat him to death by hitting him 5-6 times. They said I charged him and beat him for no reason at all. They then said after I was done beating him, that I said I was just going to go get my gun, and shoot him.

Funny how it was never mentioned in the police report right? Also funny how if I was so guilty, why didn’t I get arrested?

They told the judge I broke his retainer, and that they had medical bills to pay, even though his insurance already covered it all. They came to court with no figures to the amounts of any of these things. They just ball parked and said $6,000. They also had taken some personal photo’s of his bruised ears, trying to claim that I had hit him excessively. The thing is I only hit him once in the mouth. So how did he get bruised ears? Your guess is as good as mine. These bruised ears also weren’t in the police report either, imagine that!

The judge, having pretty much discredited my entire defense, although he was presented with credible statements from law enforcement officials, video evidence that proved identity, intent, and harassment, and overall idiocy of my opposing party STILL decided against me. A Military Infantry Vet with years of martial arts training. Sure, one might argue that people of that type can be aggressive in nature, but it’s totally false in the majority of cases.

You see, to be trained in combat of any form the fundamentals are pretty much the same. The first lesson you learn from martial arts is when it’s okay to employ it. It teaches you how to be reserved and master your emotions. It teaches you discipline, control, and trains you on how to maintain a level of maturity above general society.

My military training was no less efficient. The first things being centered around the progression of appropriate force. I am trained to defend myself. I am trained to kill if I am in a position that makes it necessary. I am not however, trained to beat old men up for being too loud, and I am for sure not trained to use more than appropriate force. As I stated above I never knew if either of these men had weapons. I assessed my threat, and put it to rest quickly, effectively, and neutralized any chance of the threat hurting me. I never tried to cause excessive bodily harm. I simply handled the situation with appropriate force.

So at the end of the exhausting court process the judge ruled that I used excessive force, admitting and believing in their personal photo’s of the mans ear. Even after all of our efforts and quality defense. They played me up to be a hot head bully all because I know the skills I know, have 2nd amendment signs and decals on my house and Jeep, and train mixed martial arts. It makes about as much sense as blaming the guns in the world for killing people. They profiled me the way they profile all gun owners of the world.

“He owns a gun, that must mean he’s a domestic terrorist! Throw him in jail!”

The judge ended up deciding to make me responsible to pay them $5,000 in damages, and just basically told them not to harass us anymore, even though they continued as soon as we got home, and there’s not a thing they will do about it either.

So here’s what I learned from this experience, and I want you to pay attention so you can learn from my mistakes.

I had never been in a law suit situation in my adult life until this happened. There’s always something you can learn from every situation. Even if you weren’t necessarily wrong.

  • A judge can do whatever they please. Regardless of what you show them. This is when having a jury present can save your life. You get the opinions of many, vs the opinion of one, possibly misguided, and unreasonable judge.
  • Anytime the hint of conflict like this happens. Situational awareness is king. It’s vital that you know your rights, and it’s important that you video document anything possible. Security cameras at your home are invaluable. You will be amazed at the things your camera catches about your neighborhood that you never had a clue of. We never had one until this point. After it happened we installed the camera system. Video with audio is crucial. Audio provides context for an event that might get misunderstood and passed off as speculation if it’s only video alone. Had I had this camera system installed prior there would have been no question as to what actually happened. It was their families opinions, vs my mine and my wife’s.

Annoying Neighbor

  • An annoying neighbor can truly make your life miserable at times. It’s good to have a strong ability to ignore, and just let stupid be stupid all on it’s own. An annoying neighbor can even have an impact on the value of your home. Being a Realtor I know first hand about disclosure. When selling any home you are required by law to disclose if you have an annoying neighbor to prospective buyers. This can impact the value of your home, forcing you to sell lower, or ultimately cost you the ability to sell at all. There are ways around it, but it’s still another con of having an annoying neighbor none the less.
  • Growing up as a kid we handled our problems by fighting like men, and often times ended up shaking and squashing problems then and there. In the adult world things are different, no matter what generation you’re from. You see, in the adult world everyone is sue happy. These people make a living suing hard working people. They have nothing better to do. As you get older and acquire assets you start entering into a dangerous place for conflict to exist. In the world of sue happy people you put yourself, your home, your vehicles, and everything you’ve worked your whole life for in danger of seizure and liens. We no longer live in a time when people can handle things as men. So when something like this happens to you, call the police immediately, and let them handle the situation. Even if you think it’s nothing. Just like I thought this situation would be nothing, and thought I could handle it as a man on my own, you will get surprised when things take this kind of turn with a quickness.
  • Language is incredibly important when dealing with law enforcement. You need to be honest, but don’t incriminate yourself. This is why you should always demand a lawyer and let them do the talking. In the heat of an event like this it is incredibly easy to get trapped in a maze of strategic questions that are designed to make you slip up. Especially by lawyers. Their job is to make you look as bad as they can to win their defense. They will say things that will provoke your anger and frustration to reveal a side of you that makes you look bad in the eyes of the court.
  • When officers arrive at the scene it’s important to be respectful, honest, and composed. Don’t be edgy. Don’t come out throwing your camera up in their face. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to record the engagement but do it in an inconspicuous way like a security camera, or prop your cell phone somewhere off to the side. When cops arrive at a domestic dispute like this they are there to simply gather statements, build a report of the event, and diffuse any immediate dangerous situations. Pay close attention to the intent of the questions you get asked, and respond with a clear mind. You can request a lawyer on the spot and refuse to talk. You be the judge of your situation. These situations are not like a traffic stop. They’re not there to raid your house and find your hidden dope stash. (Hopefully you don’t have one lol).
  • The court system is a nasty, often unorganized, and painful process to go through. Avoid having to go there in the first place.
  • I should have called the police when the noise started that morning. Instead I went out and handled the situation myself, and it resulted in a long painful process. Sure, you can handle things on your own and get away with it. Probably more often than not, but that’s not the point. In our mission here to fully be prepared, the most important aspect of it is to avoid these situations at all costs. Make fighting your last resort. I know it sucks, and it’s not manly, but it’s what must be done in this violent world full of sue happy people. I’m not saying I will never handle a situation like this on my own ever again, i’m just saying I will do it much more strategically and clear minded the next time it happens. And this is what I want you to understand.
  • At the end of the day, there’s not a lot you can “legally” do about an annoying neighbor. There’s tons of not so legal actions you could take, but we do not condone these things. You are however, your own person. Do what you feel needs to be done to protect your family. When you have an annoying neighbor the best thing to do is pay them absolutely no attention. These kinds of people fiend on drama, and will do anything they can to get a rise out of you.

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  • Get to know your neighbors, their capabilities, and find out who the potential “annoying neighbor” is. This way you can isolate them and avoid confrontation with them.
  • Invest in your preparedness. Start learning self defense skills and train your mindset to become a master of your emotions. You never know when something like this will happen to you, and you never know when it could get much worse. If one of these guys had brought a weapon the outcome could have been dramatically different. Little pieces of the element can change the entire battlefield. Preparedness is your key to victory. I may have lost this case to some unfortunate circumstances but this was a learning experience for me to help more people become prepared by sharing this knowledge. Yes I could have appealed, and most likely won this case with a different judge or a jury. But the time, and money involved in doing so would have been more damaging to us than simply accepting it as it played out. It sucks, it pisses me off on a daily basis, but that’s life. We can’t win them all, but we can learn from them all. We must be the change we want to see in the world.

Annoying Neighbors

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annoying neighbor annoying neighbor annoying neighbor annoying neighbor annoying neighbor annoying neighbor


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  • d says:

    Great article, very helpful. Thank you for sharing what you did and being so honest. I learned a lot from this and appreciate you took them time to write this article so others can learn from what happened to you.

    • says:

      My answer is simple. You can’t always judge the situation perfect. Preparation is best. Even in court. For example… He used a Tort claim.. against you.. But part of a Tort claim when dealing with situations like this can fall in that the person also had a part and fault in it. thus reducing if not dismissing it from the court, you could also claim a counter suit based on the fact that the bill of rights allows life, liberty and property and you are entitled to compensation if your liberty is violated from his actions and if it affects others as well ,it becomes even a bigger issue with more compensation often because the many outweigh the few sort of speak.. “If one person’s freedom takes away several people’s” it is deemed by law (more times than not) to be a civil penalty violating the bill of rights. Troy*

    • Jesse says:

      I’m in a similar situation. I really hope I don’t have to put hands on this person because lord knows I’m trained and will hurt this guy if needed.

  • Jasen Froeber says:

    Great article, very helpful thank you! Have a similar situation escalating with neighbors that constantly block my driveway like it’s no big deal & have stated (from the security of their balcony of course!) that they intend to harass me no matter if my kids/grandparents/ whatever are present. Guess they didn’t like it when I asked out loud at about 2am from my front porch if the younger brother had O.D’ed on Coke again when the ambulance, EMT’s, Deputies showed up for the 2nd time in 3 weeks & wheeled his looped ass out on a stretcher again….ooops- my bad. Now just keeps getting worse cuz they just mouth off trying to instigate. Installing cams as we speak lol, I’m not going down the day they DO finally grow balls to set foot on my property lol. Sorry it turned out for you like it did- don’t know that I would have chosen to protect me & mine any differently than you did. Thanks for all the great advice.

  • JaynKay says:

    My problem is somewhat different;

    I have a nasty, vile neighbor who I was once kinda pals with, he lived on the street for about 10 years or so until I had finally met him one afternoon and began to developed a sort of “friendship” with him which lasted for about another 10 years or so, well, that’s long dead now and he constantly tries to harass and pick on me all the time, and I mean all the time!

    He yells, curses, threatens, makes false accusation and all simply because about 12 years ago my mom (who was then in her late 60’s) went to get in her car to go to her job early one morning and it turns out, the nasty neighbors nasty wife, who btw, thinks she’s smarter and better than everyone on Earth and always walks with her nose stuck up high in the air, left my elderly mom, who was getting ready to retire soon anyway, a very nasty note on her car for being “parked too close to their driveway” and it was filled with curses and threats and insults.

    My mom was not blocking it at all, in fact, she was not even close to doing so, and it was the only spot on the entire street mom could fit her little compact into when she got home late from working a night shift on the night before and she just figured she would only be parked there for a couple hours to get some sleep til she had to return to her job, but it didn’t matter, these people had to have put the note on her car somewhere between 2am and 6am and they will always do ANYTHING just like that just to cause trouble and look for a fight, with ANYONE, other residents/neighbors, tourists, paperboy, meter reader, it doesn’t matter to these nasty, vile slobs!

    I’ve seen them going at it with a few other neighbors numerous times, NOBODY on the block likes them at all and EVERYONE on the street wishes he would sell and move far, far away and many have stated that loudly.

    Anyway, mom came right back to the house as fast as she possibly could and woke me and my wife up to tell us all about it and she was visible shaken up and very upset over it and was crying, cause she is the type of person who has ALWAYS gone out of her way to be extra kind and courteous to everyone on the planet each and every day, and I didn’t appreciate their “note” one bit, so I simply wrote on the flip side of the same note, while half awake, that the car was NOT blocking anything and her husbands car has lived in the driveway for years anyway and doesn’t even run due to not having a motor in it and also the wife doesn’t even drive, so why would they ever need to get in or out of a driveway no one uses anyhow?

    I never wrote anything nasty, and made sure of that!
    Yet the vile excuse of a husband continually yells that I wrote “stupid bitch” on the note, or something to that effect, which I never did, and he yells that I did and I just don’t remember what I wrote cause I’m a “jerk” and a “moron” and blah blah blah, so basically, he’s just looking for a fight and trying to goad me into one, and I think that maybe his evil wife might have added something to the note before handing it to him just to set him off!, ya know, a lil gas on a small fire?!..

    Anyway, I was involved in a serious fatal car wreck a couple years ago with my kid bro who was driving, it was on xmas eve no less and sad to say, he didn’t make it and I suffered numerous broken bones, fractures, bruises, cuts, glass shards, the works!
    I had at least 6 operation on one leg and 8 on the other, 15 on my face and head over the next 3 years and some skin grafts and also a bone replacement surgery and well, I was stuck in the hospital for about 12 weeks so and have to continually visit my docs.

    I have permanent face, neck, back, shoulder, knee, ankle and hip injuries which will never heal 100%, I will never be even near 75% myself ever again!, I can not stand up for long between the dizziness and the pain in my legs and hips and lower back, nor can I walk more than a few feet at a time and have to use a cane or walking stick on most days, so I can not get into any physical altercations, one could possibly re-break something and kill me!

    Yet this punk (because that IS what he really IS) neighbor continues to harass me over what transpired 12 years ago and I feel rotten and less of a man that I just can not do anything about it!
    Oh, believe me, the old me would have been kicking his skinny ass up and down the block all day long, but It is something I can no longer do at all!

    This guy also has a severe drinking problem and mental instability and has shown it on numerous occasions, he IS drunk each and every day and the more he drinks, the nastier and angrier and more dangerous he becomes.

    I think part, or some of HIS problems are, and why he is just so extra angry and trying to take it all out on me is because he has little to no money and even once tried to ask me for some at one time, which was soon after I had gotten home after the accident and I was going thru a financial hardship myself at that time and I just didn’t have a dime to give him, at all, well I probably could have given him my electric bill money, or maybe my food money and let my mom and wife and I all go hungry, but I chose to take care of my wife and my mom and I, but after that night he started acting weird around me and towards me.

    He’s also had one failed business that went belly up many years ago and than was “let go” from the only other 2 job’s he’s ever had after that, which neither one didn’t last too long anyway!

    So, I would guess that he’s kinda mad about being a bum, which you can clearly tell, he wears the exact same pants, shirt and hat each and every single day, I have never seen him wear anything else and he does kinda smell like sweaty pits and dirty butt and that, ya know, musky hamper odor, as if he hasn’t showered or washed himself or his clothes in quite some time and his teeth are all rotted and falling out from never brushing them!
    I think the city might even have shut his water supply and his house may not even have running water in it anymore!

    Also, some of the other things that make him such an angry, bitter, petty, sorry, little poor man is that he had taken off from his wife years ago, he had stated that he left her and took his kids with him “cause she is a crazy witch, a nut and a bitch” on many, many occasions, and also how he just “couldn’t stand her” and “doesn’t want to be anywhere near her” and “didn’t want her around my kids cause she’ll f**k them up and turn ’em into bad people” (as if HE wasn’t doing that all by himself?), but she ended up finding them anyway and moved right on in a few years ago, to which he used to try and hide out from her by coming over to MY House every day/night.

    At first I thought she was “nice”, “different, but nice” and he just had to be lying and/or at least exaggerating about how his “wife” really was and was only trying to get gov money and welfare for raising kids solo!

    Well, his “wife” assumed that he was only coming around my home all the time to have- (as she put it in a very nasty “leave my husband alone note” she once left taped on our front door)- “relations” with my elderly mom! (mom and my wife and I all had a real good laugh over that one for quite a while!), but it kind of solidified his story that SHE IS an absolute nutcase!
    And he sorta quit hanging out at my house after that.

    Plus, one of their 3 adult sons, the youngest, who we used to think was a very nice young man, but is not and is evil just like his dear old dad and mom, came out of the closet and, well, evil neighbor dad absolutely hates gay people and has stated that many times- (even once in front of my late younger bro who was openly gay) -and he disowned his own son, so naturally, that son never comes around anymore, even though he continually shouts that his son is “gunna punch me in my face” and he will “punch my face in” and “kick my ass”, yet never has and probably never will.
    And his other adult son has just not come by to see them at all in many years, and we can all just wonder why that is.

    We have called the city cops a few times when he’s seen us in front of our house and comes running out of his trying to start a fight, but they either don’t show up at all, or they just tell us to “stay in our home”, which we can not always do and should not have to do, and than they just walk back to their car and leave after doing NOTHING at all, as usual!

    He doesn’t live right next door, more like 2 houses down, so that’s a bonus, sort of.
    But the constant verbal abuse, insults and threats all need to stop NOW, but I have no way to stop it!
    The nut just HAS to go and I have absolutely no one to turn to for help with this sort of thing and it’s really, really eating away at me from the inside out to the point of I’m thinking of just hoping off the nearest tall bridge in hopes it will finally make these people happy and cut their nonsense out!

    The demoturd controlled, snowflake, sissy state and city I live in has made it illegal to own/possess ANY type of ANY weapon or self defense products, so I basically have NO protection against this nutty neighbor from hell!

    WTF am I supposed to do, short of buying an illegal weapon and blasting the both of these nutty bastards to bits?

  • JIU says:

    White noise is invaluable dealing with an annoying neighbor, it can be found on youtube

  • GIJosh says:

    I got to be honest with you here, I was literally in the process of sitting in my truck reading your article with my lights as bright as they could be pointed directly at my neighbor’s house to purposely provoke a fight. However, after reading your honest account of what transpired between you and your neighbor and the long painful process that followed, I realized it wasn’t the best idea and I should rethink my Approach.

    I won’t get into small details, but the short version of my story is that up until about 2 weeks ago I thought I was doing really good standing with my neighbor. I normally plow his driveway and do whatever I can to help out if I see him outside working on something. I’ve never had any confrontations with him whatsoever, but somehow at some point I did something which I’m still unsure of, and it must have pissed him off to the point where he felt the need to begin throwing Jabs (metaphorically speaking).
    The final straw for me was when I came out tonight to turn my Christmas lights on and realize that he had stolen the yard mounted laser light that my kids enjoyed oh so much. And believe me when I say the reason I know it’s him is because of the events that have let up to now.
    So to sum it up here, what I’m trying to say is that your article help me stop and think logically before deciding to beat the ever-loving piss out of this guy. He’s the same age as me roughly, between mid thirties to mid 40s, and not disabled in any way that I can see.
    So now after logically considering the possible outcomes, I’ve decided that investing in a security camera with sound (great point about having sound) is the better approach to solving my neighbor issues.
    Thanks for sharing your story I’ll be sure to share the link with friends, and maybe even prevent another few ass beatings in the process.

    And by the way, HOOAH from a fellow Combat Vet (& no, I’m not a paper “Vet”)!
    #Think twice

    • Primal Primal says:

      Thanks Josh, glad you enjoyed the article and glad it helped you make the less painful choice. Trust me man, I fully believe in beating ass, but in today’s litigious world it’s hard to do so without being sued into the ground.

      Gotta think about the pain it can put people in besides yourself too.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Would love to see you join our Warrior Tribe brother!

      – Primal

    • Evan says:

      I know this is years old.. and others have already written LONG NOVEL-ESQUE comments but it gave me some insight(I’m in Australia so our court/justice system is different but just as corrupt and disorganised).

      After heart surgery for Right Side Heart failure I came to live with my Mum.. I am slight and very short(thanks MA!) So.. 45kg or 99 to 100lbs for my American friends, 158cm tall or 5’1.

      I don’t rate myself in anyway, there’s people I would be smart enough to avoid getting into fights with – unless they started it, then I’ll get beaten up but I’m not backing down. Small man syndrome. I am in no way aggressive. Well I wasnt. Haha.

      We have a neighbour that sell drugs(rock, crack,meth whatever you want to label it) when they first moved here her daughter was 11(sleeping with a 17yr old and progressively older men as time continues 13 with 25yr old, 14 with a 37yr old etc etc). This daughter has severe anger and mental issues now (naturally). Shes older now, the damage is done.

      My Mother is 70 and looking after her two teenage grandsons. She’s ill, she’s tired, she’s over it.
      We live in a complex – we share a drive way with the other neighbours..
      Aside their constant screaming, partying, arguments and other nefarious dealings.

      Their clientele always park in the complex blocking everyone from exiting(2 neighbours to the right of us are very elderly men over 90yrs old and to the right an old couple who are in their early 80’s).
      They terrorise the unit complex.

      I was picking my mother up for a doctors appointment because I am the best daughter ever(rating myself now). I parked in her designated park outside of her house. I go to reverse out.. and surprise surprise a drug addicts car is blocking my exist. I have to angle the car in a way that stops both ours getting damaged.
      I’m losing a little patience. Walk over to the neighbours and ask that they might be able to move the car.
      I am greeted with a very polite drug addict but the daughter says something.. so I start to wander back to the car and this daughter who is a foot taller than me and larger in stature but skinnier(ya’ know from all that drug use).

      I get in the car and she says.. ‘what C*nt’
      I hang out my open car window and reply (still controlled) ‘I’ve just asked once again for the car to be moved) she then starts kicking my car and slamming her hands on my bonnet. I get out and front her – exchange of words and she just rages out. Drug fuelled or lack thereof I presume – they’re unpredictable.

      I in my INFINITE wisdom wave my hands and say ‘Im not dealing with this rubbish or your filth’ and get back in the car.. she proceeded to charge at me and try and hit me through the car window. It connects ever so slightly but I see red.
      In seeing red snap my inner door handle trying to get out of the car – she’s still trying to hit me through the window.

      I have to reach my right arm(right hand drive here in Aus) out of the window and she’s kicking at it. I get the door open and she boots the car door which connects with my shoulder.

      At this time I didn’t realise my shoulder had popped out of its socket and uppercut her to the face. She then decided to punch me repeatedly in the chest aware of my previous surgeries. I ashamed to admit I hit her a few times in the face. My Mum is panicking trying to get between us and she hits my Mum on the back of the neck(unintentionally but my Mum is elderly and in poor health) so I grab this woman(with a dislocated shoulder – adrenaline amiright?) By the back of her head (she’s trying to lash out still and kicking me in the shins) and shove her bodily to the ground face first into the ground.

      Which is when the pain hit me. Not much at first but my neck got tight – I’d shifted the bone further out so it became an anterior dislocation.

      She is screaming blue murder calling me everything under the sun. I just laugh(one to cover the fact my shoulder looked like I had a huge growth on it) get Mum in the car while fending off this psychotic woman and drive around the front and call an ambulance because I was in no way able to drive myself to the hospital.
      I have multiple bruises coming up on my chest and shins.. and this woman’s blood on me.

      I then spend 3hrs in hospital gassed up(oh the joy of pain medication) while they put my shoulder back in its socket. I have this beautiful bruise appearing where the car door hit me and many eye witnesses to the occurrence. All surprised because they saw my arm looking very malformed but not letting it stop me from defending myself or my family.

      Whilst I was at hospital they came into the yard, threw a pot plant at the back windows smashing them and stealing random items of clothes and objects. She also tries to antagonise me via facebook Messages.

      I found it hard not to retaliate so I’ve pressed charges. The thing is, nothing is ever done by police or mental health and I worry she’ll smash my car windows if I leave it out in the complex.
      I won’t avoid confrontation but feel it best to use my words and kindness to diffuse a situation.

      What concerns me is her Mothers lack of care for her, in any form. Emotionally, mentally, psychically and morally.
      My sympathy still lays with this damaged woman, damaged and used by the people who should love her.
      This sympathy got me hit. Got my arm dislocated – by trying to be the better person and walk away.
      I never recommend fighting or coming to blows in any way but sometimes just sometimes you need to show these types of people you WILL NOT TAKE SHIT.

      Age, race or creed doesn’t give you the right to tread on those around you, treat them poorly or act in a way that’s inappropriate.

      I know you ended up on the negative side of the courts(how helpful of them) but don’t believe you would have used any force unnecessarily.

      I hope things have improved or one of you has moved. You don’t need that constant strain and anxiety in your life.

  • jeff balausiak says:

    thanks. the frustration of having to move because of a neighbor was getting to me and i was borderline confronting him again. but your reading your story calmed me down.

  • Paul says:

    Hey guys
    Need some help , want to do some serious damage to my neighbor. He assaulted my wife when she went to help his dog that was hurt . My wife is dealing with it better than me …I’ve got this knot inside that isn’t going away . I really want to hurt this bastard. Every time I see him or his smug wife I feel the knot tighten. It happened two months ago ….it’s driving me nuts . These people are a waste of skin. All the shit in the world and all they want to do is cause trouble.

    • Primal Primal says:

      Tough situation Paul. I can’t say that I’d have restrained myself. I’d probably stomp his ass but I’m prepared for the consequences of those actions. If you’re not, and being it’s been months now. You’ve made it through the toughest part already. If you’ve made it this far you can make it in general.

  • says:

    Thanks for sharing your annoying neighbor story. Living around people, especially thoughtless people who do things to provoke you can be a real challenge. Just like many of you, I too have had my share of annoyances caused by neighbors. Ian has the best plan with installing security cameras. I have done the same, and find that most people will keep themselves in check if they have a camera on them. It makes it too hard to lie. Some great advice Ian! Thanks again for sharing, and I am sorry that you had to learn that lesson the hard way! (you can always send video footage of them doing things they claim to be unable to do to have their disability claims denied! lol) I hope it has gotten easier since then with the cameras. Good fences make good neighbors! (the “white noise” comment is also a good idea)

    • Primal Primal says:

      Thanks Jim! It was definitely a shitty situation. They did keep harassing us after the fact for quite a while, and while cameras helped they didn’t help us in court at the time. But it is what it is man! We live and learn. Thanks for reading bro!

  • Alleycat says:

    There are things you can do, to ensure they will never ever ever bother you again. Rule #1: violence is seldom the answer. However, in rare cases, violence may be the only thing someone understands. But there is that old adage, “Violence begets violence.” This may be true, but with two exceptions:

    1. They had not a clue who to retaliate against.
    2. They are terrified and literally scared for their life.

    The horse head scene in the Godfather. I’d say waking up next to the severed head of a horse may have been a little unsettling. Chances are, if this happened to most any one of us, we would not be so eager to pursue the risk of further upsetting the people responsible. I am not suggesting the mutilation of an animal. I am merely relying an example of the extreme fear you can bring to an annoying neighbor. Oh.. the LEO’s came to your door? “They found what? In their bed? Oh my God … that must have been horrible. I wish I could tell you something. But, I didn’t see or hear a thing.”

    Hire a few thugs to pay them a visit. (obviously don’t tell them you live next door) You’d be surprised what some people, living in under-privileged neighborhoods will do for 50 or 100 dollars.

    Befriend a bunch of rowdy bikers – like one of my acquaintances did – after you’ve bought a few rounds of drinks… Make sure they are aware of how much of an a-hole your neighbor can be.

    Black out the eyes of a few trusted friends, have them don full-face ski masks and gloves. Have them go on over with a couple baseball bats. Just make sure only one person does 100% of the speaking and that one person is a voice they will not recognize. Meanwhile, you are 100 miles away with a LOT of witnesses.

    Handle it yourself… Buy a cheap car a few hundred miles way ($500 – $1,000). It can be a hunk of junk, as long as it runs well. Drive to that city, with your regular transportation – just be sure to get receipts for gas, etc and make sure people see you along the way and while you are in that town. Jump in your junk car, drive back home – remember the black outs, ski-masks and gloves … and a big bottle of water (I’ll explain that in a moment)- mud out the license plate, park 1/2 a block away, pay the a-holes a visit. When they are all beaten bloody and sure not to be getting back up anytime soon, take the short stroll back to the junker – do NOT peel out, this can and will draw attention – calmly drive away and head back to get your real car. When you are a few blocks away, pull out that bottle of water and wash the mud off the plate … a muddy plate could attract police. You do NOT want to get pulled over for this, for speeding or for any other reason. NOTE: But the junker will be registered to you! Will it? If you buy a car, with current tags, from Joe Blow… you can give him whatever name you please, when buying that car. There is a 99% chance he will not ask for ID. But what if they call the police? They probably will. But how long is that response time? You could have crawled back to that junker by the time the police got there.

    Whatever you do, the goal is to strike more fear than they could possibly fathom and to make sure a clear and concise message is delivered, “No not EVER think of messing with ________ again, or the next time we won’t be so gentle and nice, like we are now. You could even add, “Call the police… We’ll be back and that time, you will never be able to call them again.

    Sure, they may call the cops and the cops may pay you a visit. You have no clue what they are talking about. Hell, you were out of town when all this happened.

  • w oneil says:

    First, I want to thank you. I’m a 71 yr old Nam vet in good shape and very capable of handling myself and my home. Never had a problem before with a neighbor. For 4 long years I have been subjected to gang stalking harassment from a neighbor and her friends. Been accused of the most vile rumors from this woman and the parade of losers who pass through her place next door. They have used every trick in the book and I admit I have responded to them. Will get the cameras and audio necessary, considering their comments from my normal conversations at home. In the process of a camera and mic sweep of my house, I’ll include white noise to neutralize what spy sound amplification they have. Will change my approach and now understand why these young people are always at home with no jobs and looking for confrontation. Not long ago one backed down and said he’ll hit me in the pocketbook and now understand my situation.

  • Pissed Off Family Man says:

    I’m actually in this situation now with a horrible, welfare, never leaves home, pos. Apparently he pissed someone off enough to have them create a fake ad for free wood he had laying out on his front yard as he left (one of the few times) on a trip with his camper(also on the street/front yard). When they’re back, he gets in my wife’s face screaming and yelling at our other neighbors about how we did nothing to stop these people who apparently didn’t know it wasn’t theirs to take. Then waits until I get home to start screaming at me and then goes psycho claiming gang this and that. Mind you, we don’t like this guy at all or his yapping dog, so we really weren’t inclined to give a crap about his stuff. Its been constant harassment and putting cameras up to watch our doorway. After a few episodes where we both yelled and shouted at each other following all of this I’m just ready to let him be stupid on his own but it kills me inside how little ability we have to protect our family from scum like this. Completely unreasonable individual. We’re selling soon anyway and we’re hoping he doesn’t mess anything up. I hope he gets a taste of his own medicine and has some horrible new neighbors like he is.

  • somerjerk says:

    haha, your problem really boils down to “wife made me get up”.

    next time, tell her to get dressed and take her out for breakfast and a day out of fun 🙂

    good advice for all though. people do insane things and then get lawyers. best to not engage with crazy people and also remember to ask your representatives to bring back asylums to lock up the lunatics.

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