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When it comes to running it’s vital that you have a quality pair of Running Shoes. But equally important to the shoe is how you tie it. The Heel Lock has been utilized by dedicated runners for a long time, but it’s a method that not a lot of people are aware of. The Heel Lock when executed properly, will prevent your feet from sliding in your shoes. This will aid in the prevention of foot blisters.

If you’re anything like me you hate running. But it’s a part of fitness, and it’s something we all need to learn to tolerate because it’s extremely beneficial. I like to trail run. I prefer the trail over the treadmill or track for the variation of terrain. I am a big believer in functional fitness. This is fitness that is designed to aid you in performing real world movements. It conditions the muscles you are working to be more efficient in performing your day to day tasks as well as athletic based things.

The Heel Lock

Trail running gives you variation in terrain, and it also gives you variation of sight. Which is crucial if you get bored easily. The treadmill is probably your worst enemy.

The shoes I have on in this video are a Livestrong variation of the Nike Free 5.0.

They are a little more expensive than your average running shoe but it’s important to take care of your feet. These are lightweight, and have performed very well over their lifespan.

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